How to Get a Flat Stomach

How to Get a Flat Stomach - In this modern era, many people are looking for a solution on how to get a flat stomach. The extra belly fat is not only the matter of ugly but also affect our health. In fact, the unhealthy lifestyle has led us to reach an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so on. So, how to get a flat stomach fast and effective? In this article, we will find out some of the hardest hitting strategies from the “Truth about Abs” book for getting rid of that stubborn stomach fat so that we can get a flat stomach.

How to Get a Flat Stomach Naturally

How to Get a Flat Stomach
How to Get a Flat Stomach

The primary thing that we need to emphasize on when we talk about how to get a flat stomach is our diet. Although exercise is important too, our diet is playing the main role in reducing belly fat. Therefore, the first step is to clean up our diet. However, there are too many confusion about the truth of a healthy diet which will promote the weight loss. We have been bombarded by various versions of information from the media, books, magazine and even those nutrient specialists about what is good and what is not good for health.

Consequently, how are we going to know where to start when we wish to clean up our diet in order to get a flat stomach? Therefore, we need to get the whole idea about fat loss diet first. We are not going to use the starving method because it will never work for long term fat loss. Nutritious diet full of unprocessed natural foods is essential in order to get a flat stomach by stimulating the necessary hormonal and metabolic response in body.

Overprocessing of food will make the food unhealthy. Instead of eating refined foods, we should take the whole foods in natural. Our body needs macronutrients and a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We need to intake all the food groups in considerable amount in order to maintain the functionality of our body. Thus, cut off an entire food group such as carbohydrate will induce other kinds of problem too.

Instead of just working hard on our diet, we can combine our effort with designed strategic exercise program that can stimulate our metabolic response in our body. In order to make the workouts more effective, we need to intensify it and focus more on working the whole body instead of just the abdominal part in order to obtain the optimal metabolic response to reduce the belly fat.

According to Mike Geary, the author of “Truth about Abs”, crunches and situps are not recommended if we really want to get a flat stomach. Why he said that? In fact, crunches are one of the abs exercises that actually give the least amount of resistance. Yet, the resistance is the essential part to develop and tones the muscles at our abdominal. There are many great abdominal exercises and secret weapons in “Truth about Abs” which provide the highest resistance to the abdominal and not the way we see most people doing at the gym. I have shared some of those secret weapons in the article Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat. In order to get a flat stomach, the workouts need to be done in high intensity with short rest periods. Instead of just focus on building those small muscles like biceps, triceps, we need to work on the largest muscle groups of the body such as leg, back and chest.

Obviously, most of the people are doing wrong to get a flat stomach. They spend plenty of time to train their abdominal. However, for getting a flat stomach, we should put our focus on getting down to a low body fat percentage. Our workouts have to be able to stimulate the fat burning hormonal environment in our body as well as increasing the metabolic rate. It is impossible for us to do so if we just train a small muscle group like abdominal muscle.

For example, hanging abs exercises and some floor abs exercises are among the best workouts to lose belly fat effectively. There are a lot more effective workouts featured in the book “Truth about Abs”. This is the book that you should not miss in order to get a flat stomach. This book comprises of fully comprehensive discussion about nutritious diet and the best workouts on how to get a flat stomach.

To conclude on how to get a flat stomach, the first step is to clean up the diet, then only combining with a good and strategic workout plan to increase the hormonal and metabolic response to lose fat. By doing this, we can get a nice six pack abs as well as a healthy body. You can read about how to reduce belly fat article too.

How to Get a Flat Stomach